Network Associate FAQs

Q: What is the coverage of the Network Associate training modules?

A: Experts Academy’s Network Associate courses are designed to provide students with the foundation knowledge of IP and data communications, as well as to prepare them for taking the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) examination. The building blocks of this foundation are spread into four sequential training modules covering a total of 96 hours: Internetworking Fundamentals (24 hours), Basic Routing (24 hours), Switching Fundamentals (24 hours), and IP Services (24 hours).


Q: What are the pre-requisites before taking the CCNA training? Is it necessary to have a bachelor’s degree?

A: Network Associate training modules, do not require any pre-requisites. The first module, Internetworking Fundamentals, starts from the very basics of networking and data communications. Professionals without background in the mentioned field of knowledge may enroll in this class.


Q: Are there jobs available for me even if I am still in college and I have passed the CCNA certification exam?

A: College students with CCNA certification may apply as trainee in our company. They may also sign up for JOBIT, an exclusive online portal that presents job opportunities for certified professionals and alumni of Experts Academy. It is also possible to find jobs for CCNA certified individuals that do not require a college degree.


Q: Is Experts Academy using the curriculum of Cisco Network Academy Program (CNAP)?

A: No, Experts Academy does not use CNAP. Our Network Associate modules are customized to match the latest and most relevant competencies required by the industry. The modules do not only focus on using Cisco equipment, but it also includes application of technologies using devices made by Huawei and A10 networks (especially for IPv6 topics).


Q: What are the credentials of the instructors teaching the Network Associate course? Are they also CCAI and/or CCSI?

A: Trainers of Experts Academy are industry practitioners with years of telecommunications, ISP and data communications job and teaching experience. Our Industry Trainers do not only deliver the course contents effectively, but they also share practical insights and first-hand experience based on their relevant profession. Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI) and Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI) are certifications required for academic trainers. Experts Academy’s Industry trainers have various career certifications from Associate to Expert level (i.e. CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCIE, etc.).


Q: Are you using actual routers and switches in the laboratory exercises? Some centers claim that they deliver the lab 100% using real devices without simulators.

A: Hands-on activities may be delivered using physical hardware and/or with simulator/emulator software. It is important to emphasize that the Network Associate training course is all about learning the technology, how it operates and behaves, and how to configure and troubleshoot them. A simulator/emulator provides the same learning and the approximate experience when configuring and troubleshooting technologies and network device features. Our curriculum ensures that lab activities will be able to demonstrate the required outcome and the objectives of the current lesson whether it be using hardware or software. 


Q: What is the student-to-equipment ratio during lab exercises?

A: ‘Student-to-equipment ratio’ is a marketing term used by other training facilities to promote the supposed completeness of their training programs. The laboratory set-up that we provide is not limited to a simple, individually-assigned pod (that most schools and training centers are offering). Our lab environment does not limit its student in terms of number of assigned equipment, as a single set up could be simulating a simple point-to-point gateways or a large enterprise network with multiple branches. Regardless of the scenario, our students are ensured of ample hands-on time to practice and apply what is instructed in the class. Physical access to our lab outside of training hours is also available to students without any additional fee (subject to availability of equipment).


Q: How long before I can take the CCNA exam if I complete all the required modules?

A: Our Network Associate training program does not end at the completion of the courses. Part of Experts Academy’s training package is an unlimited access to computerized mock examination facility. Only students who passed the mock exam will be prescribed to take the actual examination to ensure and maintain our near-one hundred percent passing rate of Experts Academy’s CCNA candidates. As soon as a student passes the mock exam, he/she may take the exam at the soonest time possible.


Q: Does Experts Academy offer CCNA modules, “boot camp” style?

A: No, Experts Academy does not offer this kind of training method. Boot camps normally compress the overall training time to 40 hours, which means lots of topic rushed or totally not covered, less laboratory hours, simplified lab setup, and less opportunity for configuration and troubleshooting practice. Overall, the learning experience is totally compromised when conducting such training method.


Q: Why are laboratory / hands-on exercises not included in the CCNA review class?

A: The CCNA Review Class is intended for those who have completed the Network Associate Module Courses and are already preparing for the actual exam. CCNA Review Class covers refresher discussions of all topics in the four modules, analyzing and answering practice exam questions, simulations, and mock exams.


Q:  Why are other training centers able to offer full courses (lecture and laboratory) in a boot camp’s pace?

A: We cannot speak for other training centers, but we have our own point of view regarding boot camps stated in the answer for one of the previous questions above.


Q: I’d like to take the CCNA exam in the soonest time possible. Is boot camp training the right choice for me?

A: No, we do not recommend boot camp. In extraordinary circumstances where an individual chooses such path to CCNA certification, most likely there will be consequences where extended time and effort will be spent in filling the gaps in competency. This extra time and effort should be better spent on undergoing the proper training without shortcuts.


Q: I have a background in computer networking and I want to prepare for the CCNA exam. Can I skip Modules 1 to 4 and enroll right away in the Review Class?

A: No, Experts Academy strictly requires all of its students to attend all the prescribed trainings. We strive to produce skilled, certified CCNAs and not just mere exam passers.


Q: I want to prepare for the CCNA exam but I took my equivalent Modules 1 to 4 from another training center. Can I use my training certificates to be able to enroll in the Review Class?

A: Yes, Experts Academy will consider your training credentials from other centers. Documents shall need to be presented and will be subject to validation.